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The Original Bowen Technique is a gentle form of body therapy for everyone. The Bowen Technique supports the muscular-skeletal framework, the fascia, nervous system and internal organ systems. The gentle moves stimulate the body's healing ability by engaging the Parasympathetic
Nervous System.

Bowen is suitable for all ages and issues. 

Meet Janene Weir

Certified Bowen Practitioner at Taste Nature

I am passionate about Bowtech Bowen and love having a modality that can benefit others and increase peoples' quality of life. Having had several injuries myself I loved the gentleness of the treatments and the long-lasting results. I love being a part of the global Bowtech Bowen professional team where there is consistent ongoing training offered to help me to help others. Every client is unique and requires individual attention to assist their healing journey. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction watching others' quality of life improve on physical, emotional and mental levels. 


What is Bowen Therapy?


The practitioner uses subtle moves on muscles, fascia and connective tissue which may activate nerve impulses to stimulate the relaxation and innate (natural) healing response of the body. The Bowen technique is extremely gentle, it is considered appropriate for all ages. It aims to support a deep sense of overall relaxation leaving you feeling lighter and freer.

The Bowen technique can be used for all issues including:

- All aches and pains, old and new - Including occupational overuse syndromes 

- Frozen shoulder

- Pelvic alignment 

- Sciatica (for pregnancy also)

Recovery from illness, surgery, scar tissue

- Nerve and visceral organ rejuvenation

- Baby Bowen for asthma, colic, and restlessness

- Enhancing fertility - Male & Female 

- I.B.S and other digestive issues

- Increased physical, emotional, and mental abilities


Bowen Therapy Supports Ongoing Wellbeing


I had never tried Bowen before but mum asked me to try it. I was sore and nothing was working. I suffered a concussion and was lightheaded and had a sore neck.

It helped a lot and I learned a lot from Janene about how to take better care of my body.

Being in sports your body takes so many knocks. The pain was always part of the recovery process. I never knew anything else.

I have always used mirimiri to assist in my recovery from all ailments, a-wairua a-tinana. Since coming to Ōtepoti it was timely for me and my whānau to access mirimiri appointments.

We had never heard of Bowen, tried it and fell in love with the treatment. Janene is kind and caring and took her time to understand and listen to what I was going through. It takes a special person to work through the blocks I had of being māori and only ever experiencing rongoa māori. 

Janene is truly a wonderful amazing practitioner and I would recommend her and the Bowen treatment to anyone.

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